Early life DMT was born in Detroit, Michigan on January 29, 1990 but started his career while growing up in Church as a kid to detain him from the streets of Detroit. He started out rapping with no curse words and performing at churches around the city. He lost his father before the age of 8 years old on New Year’s Day in the year 1998. DMT had a hyper disorder titled ADHD that kept him very active in schools, sports and outdoor activity. He found something called rap that allowed him to focus his attention and express himself with no consequences. He mastered that talent and used it as a tool for development. He eventually grew out of ADHD as he got older and started making different kind of music that really impressed his fans.

In 2011 DMT The Rapper moved from Detroit to Atlanta to pursue his rap career. While approaching many obstacles as a 22-year-old DMT created the most amazing thing he never thought of. He had a son at the age 23 and put his career in the backseat to care for his little one. While the situation was very difficult to deal with facing that his son resides in Detroit, MI. DMT fought for legal rights to his son for joint custody and out of state parenting time and won the case. After the family issues were settled he began to continue following his career in 2015. Recently dropping his mixtape entitled “Perseverance” giving his fans a hard hitting selection of beats and rhymes they have least expected from the matured 26-Year-old Rapper he had become. He appeared on the 2011 BET Blaze The Stage Competition and took home an Award for Best Performance.

He has also established himself as a successful entrepreneur with his own record label Money Maniacs Entertainment. He has also appeared on the 2012 BET Awards Pre Show as BET Awards Next Big Music Star Winner. BET Networks provided an opportunity for hopeful artists to display their talents on its Next Big Music Star Mobile Tour. After travelling to 5 cities, where hundreds of aspiring artists auditioned to be the BET Awards Next Big Music Star, the videos have been viewed and the votes tallied. The BET Awards Next Big Music Star is Marquis “DMT The Rapper” Taylor of Detroit, MI. He received a round-trip and exclusive access to BET AWARDS 12 and appeared at the 106 & PARK Pre-Show for his achievement.